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By Siris

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Does anyone know the name of the plant to the left with the pairs of opposite leaves. It is in a bought nursery pot of Wulfenia x schwartii. Thank you.
I would like to carefully remove it from Wufenia 's pot and to nurture it.

On plant Alpine?




Leaves look like those of Sanguisorba. but???????

28 Jul, 2022


My first thought was Sanguisorba but as to which one?

Wulfenia is a nice plant, I just wish mine would flower!

28 Jul, 2022


Thank you OWDYB & SBG, that was my initial thought. I have just looked up the online shope of the nursery from which I bought the Wulfenia and they sell 5 varieties of Sanguisorba officinalis so think might be one of these, an escapee!
By the way, SBG, my Wulfenia flowered earlier this year, pic in Gou, 2nd May.
Thanks again.

28 Jul, 2022

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