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We have a silver birch tree which is about 30 years old in our garden which is about 15 feet away from our house. We have no idea if the root system is endangering our house or not (we, as yet have no signs of structural or drainage damage) We are thinking of selling our house next year. We are very loathe to cut down the tree as it is beautiful, but wondered from a structural point of view that it may (legitimately) deter prospective buyers?



Hello Bob, welcome to GOY.
Are you able to dig down near the house to check the root run? If you have a patio, can you dig in front of it to check also?. I would say that if there has been no damage or roots coming towards the surface it should be ok. It would be a shame to have it removed having grown, giving you pleasure for so many years.

1 Oct, 2010


I live in a house that was built some 13 years ago within 3 metres of a silver birch, so I would assume the buiders & the council would be aware of the required distances prior to approval & build - maybe Im an optimist? - so maybe 15 feet is a safe distance ?

1 Oct, 2010


Silver Birch is usually quite shallow rooted. I'd wait and see if anyone comments on the proximity before doing any work on it.

1 Oct, 2010


Doubt very much if it's a problem. As Paul says, planners seem to ignore birches within a few metres of the house. They are not deep and vigorous rooting. I'd leave it. New ownmers will probably be pleased it's there. Phil J

1 Oct, 2010


Our front garden overlooks a field in which their are several medium to large trees they are not Silver Birches though when filling in a new building and contents insurance form i had to mention trees what were in a certain yardage from the propertyi mentioned on the form the nearest is about 6yds away,I thought the premiums would go up but they didnt ,I would also leave the tree its probably a selling point anyway.

1 Oct, 2010

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