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Runner beans problem, Can anyone give me any idea what could be eating them. The plants all look healthy but where the stems are and the red flowers that's where they are nibbled, there's no signs of slugs and snails. Thank you for reading .



Lack of water perhaps? The flowers tend to drop off in drought conditions. Even if you are watering it might not be sufficient. I not sure runner beans like hot weather.

31 Jul, 2022


the slugs/snails will have climbed the stems, nibbled, climbed down and gone into hiding. I have found small slugs on beans in the middle of the night.

1 Aug, 2022


Birds sometimes go for the red flowers, which is why if they are a problem it is better to grow the white flowered ones

1 Aug, 2022


Thank you for your replies. them sneaky snails get ever where, shall water more and next year White flower runners I shall try ;) ;)

1 Aug, 2022


There are bees that make a hole in runner bean flowers to get to the nectar and pollen. I looked it up when they did this to my runner bean flowers a few years ago.

1 Aug, 2022


Cammomine, Talking to my next door neighbor this afternoon, and he told me he has a smallish wooden box that is housing a lot of bees that he knew nothing about till he moved it and lots came flying out. Soo perhaps it is Bees that have destroyed our runners ;)

3 Aug, 2022

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