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can you take cuttings from a mature plant

On plant Elaeagnus



this is from Dig that garden~

This is the peak season for taking cuttings of many shrubs. Six inch cuttings should be taken from this year’s growth and pushed singly into pots of good compost and given the protection of a cold frame which should be kept open as often as possible but closed when the weather is cold or windy. The cuttings will root quite readily over winter and be ready for planting out into their flowering positions in late spring the following year. Suitable plants are: Buddleia, Fuchsia, Ilex, Hebe, Pieris and many others – if in doubt give it a go what have you got to loose?


Prepare the ground for new shrubs, digging in plenty of compost or manure. Towards the end of the month, evergreens can be planted, preferably when rain is forecast. Stake as necessary and keep well watered in dry weather. Spraying the foliage will help evergreens to retain their leaves. Hardwood and half-ripe cuttings can be taken from shrubs such as berberis, pyracanthus and potentilla. Take 9in. cuttings with a heel and place in sandy soil in a cold frame, watering them well. Hardy cuttings can be planted out in Spring, with others left in the cold frame until May or June when risk of frost has passed.


Towards the end of the month plant new trees and shrubs - it is best to wait for calm weather and for a time when it is not too cold and the ground is not waterlogged. It is essential that tall trees and shrubs are well staked to avoid the plant being rocked in the wind which has the effect of breaking off any new root growth and will probably lead to the plant dying. This is also the best time of year to take cuttings from almost any of your shrubs - take cuttings of this year's growth between six and twelve inches, dip the cut end in a rooting compound and plunge the cutting up to half its length in potting compost and sit it in the cold frame. Open the cold frame in mild weather and make sure the compost is kept damp but not too wet. By late spring next year the cuttings should be well rooted and new growth starting. Grow on in the pots until late summer when they can be planted out into their final positions.

Trees and shrubs can still be planted if the weather remains good. Tender plants will benefit from a windbreak screen which you could make out of stout polythene. Fleece may be necessary to protect from frosts. Hardwood cuttings of ivy, elaeagnus and willow can be taken and inserted into the ground or cold frame. They will be ready for transplanting in Spring. Heel cuttings of winter jasmine can be taken and inserted in a cold frame.

1 Oct, 2010

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