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I confess that I know very little about plants. Last summer I received some potted plants as gifts, I'd like to identify them so I can read up on how to best to keep them.

The plant in the first picture has just recently spouted white flowers, it did this earlier in the summer.

The plant in the second photo had lots of orange colouring last year, it has struggled this year with only a little colour. The leaves look to be shriveled but have been like this for a few months, they have not dried out completely and dropped though.

The plant in the 3rd photo similarly did well last year but this year has only produced 1 or 2 buds all summer. Last year it was full of buds which would drop off after about a week.

Any help would be very much appreciated.



Img_6820 Img_6822 Img_6824



Its hard to tell from photo,s the first could be Madagascan jasmine !! but a good reference book something like the Royal Horticultural Society Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers is a good buy, it will help you identify things like Climbers, Trees. shrubs and flowers.

1 Oct, 2010


Spot on with the first, Maggy!

The second is some kind of Bougainvillea. Symptoms like that frequently occur due to lack of water--leaves perk up somewhat when watered--too much water, or poor drainage--leaves never perk up. Another possibility is lack of nutrients, but that usually results in more yellowing. It's hard to tell, but it also looks like it might have been planted too deep--the uppermost roots should just barely be covered, anything more than 1/2 cm of soil over them is too much.

The third photo is of tropical Hibiscus (H. rosa-sinensis). It also looks like watering/drainage problems, and/or lack of nutrients, maybe also planted too deep.

Hope this helps, Guest!

1 Oct, 2010


Thank you for the helpful replies and help in identifying my plants!

I think the problem I the depth I have planted at. The plants were left unattended over the winter and so at the beginning of this summer I re-potted them - adding fresh soil mixed with an organic compost. I have definitely planted them too deep though because I remember ensuring they were well bedded so that is the most likely cause of my problems.

I added some of the organic compost around 6-8 weeks ago to top up the nutrients in the soil.

I have been watering on a daily basis with a watering can. You mentioned drainage problems - when does this occur? If the water does not drain away sufficiently after watering?

I am going to re-pot the plants at the correct depth and also add some more organic manure. I've just ordered my RHS encyclopedia as advised.

Thank you again for your help. I'm learning already!



2 Oct, 2010


Drainage problems can occur several different ways, Rob:

The pot may not have any, or enough drainage holes.

The pot may be left in a saucer, which stays full of water for long periods.

There may be a layer of rocks at the bottom of the pot. Ironically, this is something that we used to recommend for drainage, but in the 80's we found out that it actually tends to stop drainage--very counterintuitive! Any sudden change in soil texture stops the drainage until the layer above is saturated. Nowadays, we just recommend a piece of screen over the drainage holes, to keep the compost from running out. Plastic window screen or counted cross-stitch screen is ideal, but net stockings will do in a pinch. : )

2 Oct, 2010

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