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Help with Hardy Geranium issues please.

I bought three 'Dusky Rose' Hardy geraniums three years ago. They have never flourished/ spread no matter how I nutured them. They only start flowering mid July and are still very small moulds. Before the hot weather all the foliage disintegrated on one of them and left thick brown stumps.?

The garden centre has am excuse every year to why they hardly grow.

Is the plant dead - any ideas what has happened to it please?




Looks like it has died. Because I have heavy clay soil, I have found that geraniums in pots placed in full sun locations do much better than those in the ground. This is probably because the water drains away better preventing the main stems from getting mildew and rotting. I believe you said in your profile that you have clay soil so if you prefer to have them in ground you might try planting them next time using the lasagna method.

4 Aug, 2022


This Geranium, according to the RHS

will grow in most soils, including clay, as long as they are not waterlogged or have very poor drainage, could that be a problem where you are?

4 Aug, 2022


Thank you Loosestrife2 for the helpful info.

Yes I mainly have clay soil in my garden but in this particular border the soil is actual much better. Mainly due to applying a ton of top soil and compost over the years. I can still detect not perfect drainage though. My other Hardy geraniums however are flourishing in another similar border.

4 Aug, 2022


Bamboo, I think that may well have been the problem. My Peonies in the same border have done really well over the years though. Obviously 'Hardy' geraniums need better conditions than I thought. Any ideas for improving drainage please - it's been quite a few years since I tried doing this and I've forgotten.

4 Aug, 2022


Adding grit should help drainage a lot.

6 Aug, 2022


The drainage can't be that bad if the peonies are doing fine, surely - I wonder if this particular Geranium is just a 'bad' plant, you know, sometimes a particular, newer variety of a hardy plant just doesn't perform well. It's not one I've grown, and other varieties I've grown for years don't seem to care whether they're in heavy or light soil, about the only thing they don't really like is full sun all day, especially when its hot.

9 Aug, 2022


Yes I was thinking that... I think it’s just a ‘bad plant’ . I’ll stick to geraniums I’m familiar with. The good news is the guy at the garden centre who I complained to recently, is now going to give me a credit noted if I bring the plants in. Back to the drawing board though as I’ll be on here again I’m afraid, asking what to fill the half empty looking border with. Don’t you just get frustrated trying to complete a border!

9 Aug, 2022


🤭 Well no, not really - my problem's always been trying to stuff too many plants in!
I see the emoji has come up looking like a chinese symbol! Maybe describe the border (shade, sun, soil type and what's in there already) and ask for suggestions, sure you'll get tons...

10 Aug, 2022

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