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Last year I took some cutting from the plants in my son's garden. One of them was a type of Geranium I've never grown before. Here are the photos I took of it today when its first flowers opened. Can anyone give an id for this type of Geranium? The variety name is not important, but I would like to know what species it is.

Geranium_flowering_for_1st_time_on_balcony_7th_august_2022_003 Geranium_flowering_for_1st_time_on_balcony_7th_august_2022_002_macro_ Geranium_flowering_for_1st_time_on_balcony_7th_august_2022_001_macro_



Have a look at images of scented Pelargoniums as I think it may well be a variety of them.

8 Aug, 2022


I also think it is one of the scented pelargoniums. The crinkly leaf is a characteristic of them.

9 Aug, 2022


Thank you both for your suggestions! When I took the cuttings last year I, too, thought the same at the time.

I have just been out onto the balcony & have squeezed a couple of leaves but there is no defining scent. The sun has been on the plant for at least 5-6 hours & its very hot. I believe that the volatile oils, which produce the scent, evaporate producing scent.

9 Aug, 2022


P.graveolens seems to be the species that has the very aromatic oils, though I often cant smell the lemon and rose varieties, despite all the family saying that I must be!

9 Aug, 2022


Thanks, SBG! I believe you may be right! 👍👍

10 Aug, 2022

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