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My buddleia is attracting a HUGE amount of wasps AND flies. I don’t mind if the wasps are nesting or collecting bark. But it’s the flies I can’t stand. I don’t feel like I can enjoy sitting in my garden because of them. Any ideas as to what’s going on?



Are you sure its the Buddleia? YOu don't happen to have a Euonymus with flowers nearby do you?

10 Aug, 2022


Do you have neighbors who are not picking up after their pets? Or they might not making sure their garbage can lids are on secure?

10 Aug, 2022


they will be trying to get nectar/fluid as it is very dry.

10 Aug, 2022


our Cotoneaster horizontalis is also swarming with wasps and flies and they appear to be feeding on the secretions from the plant. I have stood watching them for some time and the odd wasp is grabbing and eating flies.

12 Aug, 2022

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