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By Slimdil

Northumberland, United Kingdom Gb

ID please. This has sprung up in my garden. Think it’s a weed (ok a plant growing in the wrong place 😀) but not sure.

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Reminds me of one of the Nightshades.

10 Aug, 2022


Enchanters Nightshade ? In loose soil this pulls out very and also spreads like fury. I seem to remember the roots are white - pull it out and see.

10 Aug, 2022


its not enchanters nightshade which is a blessing . It has very small seeds that drop.

I think it is a common figwort Scrophularia nodusum. The leaves are right and the arrangement of what were the flower stalks too. A nice British native , wish I had it growing in my garden.

11 Aug, 2022


That is what it is indeed. Should have recognised it, getting old.

11 Aug, 2022


Thanks everyone - glad I didn’t pull it out.

16 Aug, 2022


Well its bigger than the ones I know are Enchanters Nightshade! Scrofularia sounds like a nasty disease doesn't it? (PS Guess what, I just found one in a flower bed! Why do you wish you had some Eileen? I was going to pull it out)

16 Aug, 2022

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