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By Kate123

East Yorkshire , United Kingdom Gb

Spotted this horrid wasp like beastie on my window just now. Anyone know what it is please? It was about an inch long. OH persuaded it to fly out the open window.

20220813_123046 20220813_123101



Kate, I think it may be a Pimpla rufipes. Have a look at images for it and see if you agree. Not harmful to humans apparently, phew!

13 Aug, 2022


It looks like one of the ichneumon flies which are a kind of wasp. Harmless to humans.

13 Aug, 2022


Hi Shirley and Owdboggy, many thanks for your feedback!!! Very prompt, I appreciate it. I think you're both spot on. It's a definite ringer for the Pimpla Rufipes, from the Ichneumonides family. Thankfully it's not harmful, it did seem keen to escape!

13 Aug, 2022


Kate, better out than in then!!

13 Aug, 2022


Definitely, Shirley!!! 😁

13 Aug, 2022



13 Aug, 2022

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