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By Lemnos

London, United Kingdom Gb

Can Hydrangeas be revived or saved after they’ve been dried out due to the lack of rain? I’ve tried to keep them going but they look pretty dead to me.



It has gone dormant. Cut it down close to the ground. Next year it will come back. Don’t try to dig it out to remove it as it will take great effort to do so.

14 Aug, 2022


If it has gone dormant, then for the moment do nothing that would encourage it to re-grow until there has been significant rainfall (probably next spring). I will not be touching our sad looking ones until we know how much of the bush has been damaged. We will wait until there is new growth and then cut out the dead bits.

14 Aug, 2022


I agree with Owd, dont cut anything down yet. The shrub will drop its leaves as an attempt to conserve water. I know they may not look pretty for the rest of the year but if you really like them leave them alone.

Deep tissues may well be viable and you wont know until bud break in spring. Then you will be able to see where the new growth will come from. They may well sprout from the base again. Cut out dead tissue then.

15 Aug, 2022


Thank you so much for your advice, I’ll leave well alone and look out for green shoots!

15 Aug, 2022


Thank you for this question & answers. My Lacecap Hydrangea is looking very sorry, but it is still green. I think
It will grow up from the base next year.

16 Aug, 2022

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