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I took pity on this little plant in the garden centre, it was so dry and limp, but can anyone tell me if the fruits are edible please.




This is a Capsicum annum- ornamental pepper plant. Whether or not it is edible depends upon your taste. Some can be VERY hot. It looks to be very happy in your home.

17 Aug, 2022


well hello cinders, long time no see. how are you doing?

usually the care label on these say not for human consumption. I think that is really to do with the spicy ness of them. Personally I dont think I'd try them as I am a scaredy cat.

17 Aug, 2022


Sylvia, here's some info. I found:

The fruit is edible but it's extremely hot and can lack sweetness, depending on the variety grown. If you use them for cooking, do protect your hands or keep them well away from any other skin area - until they have been washed thoroughly.

17 Aug, 2022


I'm glad I'm not the only one who buys plants out of pity! This one is obviously very grateful to you!

17 Aug, 2022


Thank you so much everyone. I don’t think I’ll try it, but it’s a pretty little thing isn’t it.
Eileen, I pop in now and again to see what’s happening, but have just moved back to southampton to be nearer to the family, and don’t have a garden of my own now, but the use of one if I want to dabble. Have come to a one bedroom flat on the first floor, been in three weeks now so still getting used to things.

Thank you Shirley for your trouble, lovely to chat with you the other day.

Thanks pennyfarthing, I know, I can’t resist trying to rescue things, but will have to stop I think- just no room now !

17 Aug, 2022


Sylvia, it was good to have a 'catch-up'!

17 Aug, 2022


Hi Sylvia, what a lovely plant,I love the colour,it's so bright and cheerful :o) A nice addition in your lovely new home..xx/

17 Aug, 2022


Thanks Sandra, I thought it was so cheerful.

17 Aug, 2022


Sending good wishes for much happiness in your new home. Hope you have a nice big windowsill!

18 Aug, 2022


Hi Cinders, its lovely to hear from you, I hope you will be very happy in your new home, the little plant is a nice addition but I'm also a scaredey cat and wouldn't dare try to eat from it. Take care now..xx

19 Aug, 2022


Thank you so much steragram, I do have a windowsill, but not like I have been used to. I’m working on it, the brain still comes up with ideas, so when I sort it, I’ll let you all know.
Thanks also Lincs, I’m feeling quite settled already, a lot less housework so may be pestering you all on here !

19 Aug, 2022

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