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By Cecelia

Dumfriesshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hello again, has anyone got a good suggestion on how to get rid of tomato blight. It is on the leaves and some stems but not on any fruit. It is the first time I have had it and would like to get rid of it. Thanks Cecelia



sadly I don't think there is for amateur gardeners. if the fruit are well developed then they could be picked and allowed to ripen in a bowl in the sun.

You could remove affected leaves now, but don't add them to you home compost.

17 Aug, 2022


Thank you for your advice, I seem to have let the garden get a bit out of hand this year so it may be my own fault. I will pick the toms and hope they ripen ok. I will burn the leaves and hope for next year is better. Cecelia

17 Aug, 2022


To help picked green tomatoes ripen:They do not need to be kept in the sun for this to happen. Put a ripe banana or even just a ripe skin with them. It will give off ethylene gas that has the effect of hastening ripening. What worked for me was putting a clean cloth on a spare bed and laying them out on it.

18 Aug, 2022


Great, I wish you lived next door I would learn such a lot from your experience. Happy gardening Cecelia

19 Aug, 2022


Its only a few little tips you pick up as you go along. When you discover it works it will be your turn to impress somebody else...

20 Aug, 2022

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