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Is it OK to prune off these dead branches on Prunus kojo-no-mai?




Yes its best to cut out dead wood. If you want to check that they are really dead try scratching a bit of bark off with a fingernail. If its green underneath there maybe hope but if its brown you can cut it off straight away.

18 Aug, 2022


Many thanks Sue. I wasn’t sure because I understood that cherries don’t like being pruned, but I’ll do what you suggest …

18 Aug, 2022


If they are dead they won't even know! Anyway when i was a child we had several big cherries that were pruned regularly and it never seemed to discourage them a bit!

20 Aug, 2022


Thanks Sue,
I did a bit of gentle pruning yesterday and luckily the dwarf cherry is alive 🙂.

21 Aug, 2022

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