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Peace Lily

Shropshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a lovely peace lily in a basket bought for me by my daughter 2 years ago. It has been growing well but over the last few months the leaves have started to go a yellowy brown on the ends and slightly down the edges. The leaves look a bit dull. What am I doing wrong - someone help before it's too late, please!



Does it need potting up into a bigger container, do you think? If the basket is too small, it won't be getting enough nutrient and the roots may be a bit constricted, too. Try this, with fresh compost, and when it has settled down, give it a feed with a liquid fertiliser. I hope it survives! Good luck.

26 Aug, 2008


Thanks. Will give it a go - I suppose the basket is a bit on the small side now.

26 Aug, 2008


As Spritz suggests try potting it up in the next sized pot in some fresh compost. Keep it moist but not waterlogged and after a few months give it some diluted feed when the nutrients from the compost have been used up by the plant.We have a large one in the house and we repot it every few years.

26 Aug, 2008


One other suggestion... what is your water like? Are you using tap water, for instance... if you are, try letting a pailfull sit for 24 hours before watering... This allows the chlorine in your water to dissipate...If you are on well water, perhaps the mineral content of your water is high...and as has been said...use a very weak fertilizer solution when watering...and if you are able, place the pot in a deep sink (laundry?) to water...douse it well until the air trapped in the soil is released...when the bubbling stops. remove the pot and allow to drain completely...never let the plant sit in water.

26 Aug, 2008

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