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I have been given a few tree peony seeds and have no idea how or when to plant & care for them. them.Any tips please?



Sow them now, put them out where they can be weathered and forget about them for a couple of years.

21 Aug, 2022


Thank you Owd. In a pot? should the pot be buried or kept in a sheltered place? kind of compost would be best?

21 Aug, 2022


I have done mine in 9cm pots buried about half way down in multi purpose compost. Then place as Owd says.
in the first year you will get a root then the following year the shoot will emerge.

I also have some self sown in the garden and they do very well too.

21 Aug, 2022


Exactly as the lady says!

22 Aug, 2022


Thank you very much both. I'd better take the plunge - I've had them for about a month while I dithered.... I never expected that you could get self sown ones - they seem such an exotic plant!

22 Aug, 2022

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