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Bonsai. Just over a year ago my grandson gave me some bonsai seeds. Two were successful and are now around one year old. I must now separate them but need help to know what to do next. Should I trim the roots at this stage, or pick out the growing shoot? Help please.




Well done on getting them to grow. But I am sorry I have no idea how to proceed.

my understanding is that Bonsai seed is just normal seed that left will grow into full sized trees.

Certainly separate them unless you want both trees in the pot.

24 Aug, 2022


Thanks Eileen, basically I want to know at what stage you start trimming the roots. To me, the larger one looks like a Hazel, but may not be as it wasn’t grown from a nut !

24 Aug, 2022


Tease both out of the pot slowly and carefully with a pencil or darning needle or chopstick to keep the roots of each from getting damaged. But first, there are many beginners guides to growing bonsai on the web and it would be better to study those before making a move. I have a bonsai in my ZEN garden but it is of the Itsa fugazi variety so I have really no experience in growing these.

24 Aug, 2022


Thanks Loosestrife, appreciate your comments, and I will look it up. Probably look for a book for beginners, so I can refer back to it if need to.

24 Aug, 2022


There are lots of bonzai sites on the internet with detailed information of what to do next, i.e. wiring the main trunk and branches, how to cut them and stop the roots from expanding, all fascinating stuff.

24 Aug, 2022


So I believe camomile, it will keep me occupied for a while then, thank you.

24 Aug, 2022

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