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Can I move rose ‘New Dawn’ now to its final place or should I wait until it’s dormant? It’s in a pot and about to flower for second time. Not sure what to do?



Well I would leave it till later on especially if it is flowering better when dormant in my opinion

25 Aug, 2022


If its in a pot you can do it now. No different to planting it after bringing it home from the gc.

water well and dig a bigger hole than the pot so there is space for the roots to spread.

I find New Dawn can give me Christmas roses most years.

26 Aug, 2022


Thank you Kennyboy & Seaborngirl. I'm planning to move it against side of my shed in a sheltered and semi shaded spot. As it was a cutting from a plant sale I'm hoping it will just as well as the one you can buy on-line which are very expensive!!

26 Aug, 2022


Mine was a twig I took from my mum's garden when she died. It was Christmas eve 27 yrs ago and it is doing well. [my avatar image]. As long as it has decent roots it will be fine.

26 Aug, 2022


Thank you all.

27 Aug, 2022

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