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Hi, I have a large Honeysuckle vine in my garden - came with the house when I moved in - so it must be around 23 years old. Some of the thick stems are around 2" wide. It produces blooms each year but these are becoming sparse. It seems drastic but I am thinking of waiting until Winter when it is dormant and then cutting the whole vine down to about 1ft from the ground to regenerate it, but I'm worried that it will kill the plant. Can anyone advise if this is a good idea, or should I just let it continue in its present state until the plant eventually dies and then replace it?



I do it to mine regularly so don't worry it will regrow. I usually do mine early spring so I can see where the main stems are so I can try to train it where i want it to go.

27 Aug, 2022


Thanks Seaburngirl. I will take the plunge then in early Spring. How far down to the ground do you take yours?

27 Aug, 2022


12 - 24 inches usually.

27 Aug, 2022


Brilliant! Thanks Seaburngirl.

28 Aug, 2022

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