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I bought some red capsicum peppers from the supermarket and kept the seeds. They did germinate really well. My question is that they have remained green so do I start to use them now or wait until they turn red, or have I jumped the gun so to speak.



Green peppers are just the red ones before they ripen. So you may use them or wait, depends on what you like.

27 Aug, 2022


They will turn from green to red or even orange or yellow, depending on their genetics. Green are less sweet but tasty none the less.

28 Aug, 2022


Thanks. In all my years of gardening, I have never grown peppers before so I didn't know quite what to expect as they were an unknown variety from the supermarket. The only problem I encountered was something was taking large pieces of the leaves so I wondered if it was leafcutter bees.

28 Aug, 2022


Just a word of warning, before they turn red they go a worrying shade of black / purple, just so you are aware it's part of the ripening process & nothing to worry about

28 Aug, 2022


Thanks G for that information.

28 Aug, 2022

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