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Can you tell me what the orange flower is in the long container? and is it an annual that will need throwing soon? I'm sure I've seen these on other people's photos but can't find them at the moment. Ta.




looks a bit like an osteospermum to me. you can overwinter them in a cool greenhouse/conservatory.

2 Oct, 2010


no greenhouse/conservatory....would they be ok in the garage? and should I re-pot them into smaller pots as I'll have to remove the impatience in any case?

2 Oct, 2010


yes they will be ok, some keep their leaves all year round so as long as they can get light. do you have an unheated bedroom that will do too. I also take tip cuttings at this time of year too. they are put in bog standard multi purpose compost and kept on the dry side.

2 Oct, 2010


I could do either of your suggestions, including the tip cuttings (I assume that means from the top of the growth?)....still a beginner if you couldn't tell,

2 Oct, 2010


Osteospermum acanthospermum seems to be the variety I have got. I've found a website that gives detailed nots on propagation so I'll give it a try in the garage over winter.

2 Oct, 2010


yes thats correct Whistonlass. tips about 2-3" long are a perfect size. make sure there are no flower buds in the bits you chose. or if there are buds then disbud them [nip them out]. buds prevent roots forming.

3 Oct, 2010


Thanks Seaburngirl....I'm going to try both methods and hope for success.

6 Oct, 2010


good luck then :o))

6 Oct, 2010

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