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I have a beech hedge aprox 24-30 ft and i am concered about the roots of a near buy house aprox 2.5 mtrs from centre of trunk. how far would the roots go? the hedge is trimed every two years and kept tidy and looks great. THANK YOU worried about tree's



Wording a little ambiguous. Roots of the house? I presume you mean that the hedge (or, rather, line of trees), might cause a problem with the foundatons of the house? Is the hedge 24 - 30 ft tall, or long? If it's only a standard hedge, say 6 - 7ft tall, it'll be fine, and so will the house. Phil J

2 Oct, 2010


Agree, regular pruning of 6-7ft hedge effectively restricts the roots spread and vigour. They are not supporting a huge canopy so don't need to match it in size which they effectively do if the trees grow to their full unpruned potential.

3 Oct, 2010

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