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I want to propagate some Sedum spectbile. I've done some in water and they are slowly starting to root. Is it too late to just push some into the ground ?




9 Sep, 2022


I agree, good luck Sterra.

9 Sep, 2022


There's nothing like a simple straight forward answer! Thank you, I will get on with it.

9 Sep, 2022


These propagate so easily and there clumps all over my garden now -- and covered in bees. I usually pull a bit off at the root and replant it.

11 Sep, 2022


Cheers Merliln! they do indeed root readily. I've a few rooted in water indoors but was checking whether there was still time to just bung in a few outdoors! I was just hoping that trying to root some outside would be OK so late in the season. In case you're wondering why I need so many, I'm trying to make the garden more labour saving and plan to make a small "hedgelet" with them down one side of a narrow border.

12 Sep, 2022

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