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Hello :o))
Can anyone ID this plant for me please, it’s where we used to feed the birds but had to stop due to Rats :o((

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Looks like sweetcorn to me.

15 Sep, 2022


certainly one of the grasses but it could one of many from bird seed.

15 Sep, 2022


Jimmy, sweetcorn came to my mind but the time of year isn’t right so if it is it won’t come to much, I’ll just have to see what happens?
Seaburngirl, as you say it could be one of many Grasses?
Thank You Both for your input xx

16 Sep, 2022


Most likely to be millet, since that is a common component of bird seed. As for the rats, add chili flakes to the bird seed--the rats hate them, but the birds can't taste them. The chilis will make many species more colorful, too!

14 Nov, 2022

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