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Can any of you knowledgeable gardeners got any idea what this is & also is it ok in a pot or would it be better in the garden. I thought it had died but thankfully it hasn’t! Thank you

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reminds me of an Hibiscus. It would be better in the ground.

20 Sep, 2022


Seaburngirl thank you very much for your reply. I’ll try to find a spot in the garden for it. Do you know how big it could grow?

20 Sep, 2022


they are quite slow growing and I have seen them over 6ft tall. though they respond to pruning to keep them is shape/size.

21 Sep, 2022


As above, hibiscus, they are slow growing but can be over six feet, however they can also be kept in bounds with pruning

Prefer a very sunny spot for maximum flowers, they come into leaf late so come spring don't think it's dead just because nothing is showing when everything else is in leaf

A lovely plant and worth the space

21 Sep, 2022


Seaburngirl & Grandad gar thank you so much for your help & advice which is very much appreciated. I’ll definitely find a spot for it in my garden. So glad I didn’t throw it away!

21 Sep, 2022

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