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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I’ve tried several times to take a cutting from my excellent thornless blackberry and failed every time. Can somebody please tell me what the heck I’m doing wrong




They work better from layering rather than from cuttings. If you have a spare rod lay it on the soil, peg it down and it usually roots either at the tip or from every leaf joint.

3 Oct, 2022


I agree with OB and would go for 'Tip Layering' if you don't want to disturb the doner plant. This would be the most reliable method.

3 Oct, 2022


Thanks guys, will do it this afternoon if it’s the appropriate time of year?

3 Oct, 2022


It's ideal time of year, roots will form over winter & all ready to go come spring

4 Oct, 2022


My thornless blackberry arrived from somewhere in my soft fruit patch and there is plenty of foliage growth . It is very sturdy but the fruit is quite small and difficult to pick .
Is that because of this particular year , or the nature of this odd origin plant ?

5 Oct, 2022


Triad, sounds like yours is a stray seedling, if it's the first year it could be because of this particular year being so dry, my blackberries failed to get to a decent size this year, as have many of the hedgerow ones

However, if it is an older plant I'd be inclined to put it down to genetics and get a named variety with known characteristics

6 Oct, 2022


Thanks all, have buried a “ spare rod” and will keep a careful eye on it.

13 Oct, 2022

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