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Pond Water


By Kevin

United Kingdom Gb

Im fitting a 1000 litre pond and I dont Know if I should use tap water or rain water out of my 4 water butts. That hold 210 litres each.Should I use both or only one to make the 1000 litres up as I will be 160 litre short by using my 4 water butts.

On plant Kevin



When we kept tropical fish, we used tap water and after a few days the chemicals in the water dissipated and it was safe to add the fish. Mind you with all the rain this year I expect your pond will fill in no time - never mind using tap water!!

26 Aug, 2008


well obviously the rain water would be better as far has your local water authorities would be concerned,tap water is used all the time for ponds, once it has a chance to become more chemically neutral the fish survive in it just fine.

26 Aug, 2008


Will u be haveing a Bio/Filter Kevin? if not then id say rain water as tap water will make the pond water go green from the Chemicals :) hope this helps?

26 Aug, 2008


Well I fail to see how flouride and chlorine can make your water go green, what makes your pond go green is over exposure to light and lack of aeration. More so the latter.

28 Aug, 2008


Definately use your rain water. Jaque is right - Tap water contains nitrates that cause water to go green. Feel free to have a look at my pictures and blogs on my pond which was new this April. The water is still perfectly clear!!

31 Aug, 2008

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