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Scilla Peruviana
I have 5 of these about 2 inches tall, coming up in the border. They look strong and healthy and I have had them about 4 years. I just wonder if there is anything I can do to help them flower well as each year so far they have been a bit scrawny and disappointing.



I feed them after flowering with a hand full of slow release fertilizer granules or water in a general feed and leave the leaves to die back naturally.

13 Oct, 2022


Oh, too late for this spring then. Thanks Seaburngirl, I'll do ir next time round.

13 Oct, 2022


They like a dry summer. I don't water mine at all, but feed lightly when they start to come up in the late fall.

13 Oct, 2022


Thanks Wylie, it's worth trying a little feed then.

14 Oct, 2022

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