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By Meh

what are the white cat like whiskers growing out of my lawn?



Any chance of a picture, please?

25 Oct, 2022


Coral fungus.

25 Oct, 2022


Clavaria fragilis, commonly known as fairy fingers, white worm coral, or white spindles, is a species of fungus in the family Clavariaceae. It is synonymous with Clavaria vermicularis. The fungus is the type species of the genus Clavaria and is a typical member of the clavarioid or club fungi.

25 Oct, 2022


that sounds like a good id from Owdboggy, without a photo.

26 Oct, 2022


Don't worry about them, they'll do no harm and soon disappear again.They live on leaf llitter and such and are actually edible. But you'd have to be pretty hungry and pick an awful lot!

3 Nov, 2022

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