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Dendrobium Orchid -
Not sure how to look after this Orchid?
What I would call the stalks have lost their leaves now, do I cut the stalks off & leave the new ones to take over if you follow what I mean? Jackie xx




I would not cut any stalks off since this orchid might use them for nutrient storage reason being that orchid root function is mainly a holdfast one. It is probably going into a rest phase so keep the temp a bit cooler for several weeks with the plant in bright but filtered sun. Also slow down the watering a bit during this rest period.

8 Nov, 2022


Thank You for the info Loosestrife.
Jackie xx

8 Nov, 2022


Sometime in early spring, you will notice new shoots rising from the base of the plant, and that is the signal that it is waking up. Gradually increase watering and feeding, and make sure that it gets lots of diffused light, and in late summer or early fall, the new shoots will grow flowering stems at their tops.

14 Nov, 2022


Thank You for the info Tugbrethil xx
Jackie x

15 Nov, 2022

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