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North lanarkshire, Scotland, very windy, wet and cold often, United Kingdom Gb

I'm hoping to lift and save my geraniums this year any tips I dont have a greenhouse but I have a shed| workroom with a window but not a lot of room!



Remove any manky or diseased leaves, and i think some people cut them back, others leave them. Then just keep somewhere frost free and with some air movement so they dont get mildew, keep on the dry side, watering very occasionally on the soil, not the leaves. The wet and cold will finish them off. Assume work room is heated?

4 Oct, 2010


They'll need a fair amount of light, too, to stay healthy. I'd keep them in front of the window, or give them artificial light.

4 Oct, 2010


Have you got a kitchen windowsill? You could pot a couple up and keep them goimg in there. They flower on and on!

5 Oct, 2010


If the workshop is cold, keep them quite dry. It's the wet and cold that gets them. Or try taking cuttings to root in water indoors.

5 Oct, 2010


Thanks everyone im going to do a "bit of everything" try the cuttings ,windowsills and the work room which is kept quite cool unfortunately!

5 Oct, 2010

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