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Good evening all, can anyone please help with my Aeonium plant,
He has grown very well, and I brought him home from Spain as a cutting, now I'm worried as to how to winter him, I've brought him into a unused bedroom with no heating and in a good position
for day light, however he is dropping leaves every day and I'm sure he'll die eventually so any help would be appreciated as I really love it, thanks as always




Generally speaking I find that plants that have been in one location for a long time and then are moved to a new one will often go into shock doing what you have just described. Usually this is not fatal. To be on the safe side can you move it back to its original location? Of course if it was outdoors, at this point in time, that would not be possible.

1 Dec, 2022


He's been outside all Yr so where else can I place him as the downstairs in the would definitely be too warm.

1 Dec, 2022


The room is probably dryer and warmer than outside so it's natural for it to lose some leaves. Mine have done the same even after being moved into a greenhouse.
Keep it dry and cool and it will be fine.

2 Dec, 2022


Please remember another time that it is illegal to import plant material though! Succulents are designed for dry areas so that shouldn't bother it unduly.

2 Dec, 2022


Judging by the color of the centers of the rosettes, it's location may not be as well-lit as you think. I would try moving it closer to a window--in front, not off to the side!

2 Jan, 2023

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