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By Mooncat

Ceredigion, United Kingdom Gb

Two more shrubs to identify, taken this week.

Shrub_006 Shrub_008



Cotoneaster simondsii and Cornus sanguinea. Several named forms of the Cornus, could be one of several.

4 Oct, 2010


top one is a Cotoneaster and the bottom looks a little like a philadelphus. [not 100% on that though]

4 Oct, 2010


yes fractal I think has it cornus. the leaf is too crinkled for Philadelphus. new in my bones it wasnt one really.

4 Oct, 2010


Fractal, I might take issue with you on that, I think it's Cornus alba 'Sibirica'. The veining's not sloped to the tip as markedly as ordinary dogwood (C. sanguinea). Phil J

5 Oct, 2010


Ok... :-)

5 Oct, 2010


Thanks to all. I thought that cotoneasters were all low-growing, but this is 8' tall and several 2" trunks at ground level, growing on top of a retaining wall, so well drained. I think I'll coppice it in the winter.

6 Oct, 2010

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