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By J79m80

Tyne And Wear, United Kingdom Gb

I have an evergreen clemitis called " Temtations" it gets a white flower on in the early part of the year. After the flowers drop off all you are left with is the evergreen growth. Would it possible to grow another climbing plant such as "Jasmin" along side it so that they can entwine with each other so that I can flowers later on in the year ?



Jasmines tend to be vigorous - I'd be concerned that it might swamp your clematis. How about trying annual climbing plants - such as Cobaea scandens, Rhodochiton or Tropaeolum?

They do need full sun though.

5 Oct, 2010


Hi Spritzhenry, Thankyou for your comments and advice. where could I purchase these plants you recommend ? what do they look like,and can I plant them not?

5 Oct, 2010


..or something like Mina lobata, with lovely yellow/orange/red graded flowers from August onwards.

5 Oct, 2010


Tropaleum can be grown from seed,but must be grown every year, and I believe Cobea doesn't go through the winter either. Why not have a look at other non evergreen clematis, such as Lady Northcliffe, The President, Niobe.These are in the no prune group, and flower twice - first in around late May with large flowers, then again in July with smaller flowers. Or choose a late flowering one from the viticella group, such as Etoile Violette, Comtesse de Bouchaud - ones in this group, though, will need cutting down to 3 buds, or about 8 inches, from the ground in mid February, so you'd need to make sure you were cutting the right stems down, not the evergreen one by mistake!

5 Oct, 2010


That's why I wondered about annual climbers, Bamboo.

All the ones I suggested, plus Mina lobata, can be easily grown from seed - there's also Morning Glory, which would also give you flowers a-plenty - also an annual climber.

5 Oct, 2010

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