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whats the best way to clear an overgrown and out of control garden



Napalm or Agent Orange, whilst being attractive in some ways, are not options - elbow grease, thick gloves, loppers, secateurs, pruning saw, rake and a skip, followed by a good garden fork for digging out roots.

5 Oct, 2010


Two options

1. organic...... Dig up everything you don't want,prune shrubs and hand weed the borders .

2. Inorganic .......Spray with weed killer

5 Oct, 2010


Anchorman's method also needs another few steps after "Spray with weed killer"

They are, "dig up the dead plants and burn, weed out the regrowth, prune any shrubs you're keeping"

5 Oct, 2010


there's no easy answer to this. It's either hard work, or paying a professional/odd job gardener to do it for you. Odd job option is cheaper, but also risky, as not everyone untrained knows what to do with which kind of plants, and at worst you may see no improvement. Gardens are living changing things, and cannot be just "done" once in a makeover or clearance blast then neglected again. Best advice is probably to decide how the garden could be lower maintenance if you can't manage the upkeep.

5 Oct, 2010


Dont be too hasty in clearing the garden, you may well have some out of control shrubs which if hard pruned can be brought bact to their former glory, most shrubs will respond, just a little paitience is needed untill they get going, by doing so you will save on having to by new plants, if you have overgrown borders, then be carefull there will be possibly lots of hidden gems in there, perennials, spring bulbs etc.

6 Oct, 2010

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