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Hi All, I'm new here :)

I'm wondering, is it too late in the year to consider planting wildflower seeds? Or should I wait until after winter?

I'm based in North England if it helps.



Wait until after the winter and the ground softens up a bit. The recommended time and method of planting can be found most often on your seed packets. To do it now, any seeds laid down will be taken up by birds and mice.

9 Dec, 2022


Hi Trevor, depends which flower seeds you are hoping to plant. Many of our native seeds need some frost to help break their dormancy to grow successfully. You could sow them in pots/trays and keep them outside or in a cold unheated greenhouse.

Where in the country are you? I'm originally from Sunderland and used to gather and scatter wildflower seeds in the garden at home. I'm now in East Yorks so not much difference from where I grew up really.

9 Dec, 2022


though if the ground is frozen wait 'til it thaws.

10 Dec, 2022


The advice is correct, Trevor. But for a wild flower meadow Yellow Rattle is essential, but should be sown in the autumn. Better luck next year perhaps …

14 Dec, 2022


OK, thanks for the advice everyone, much appreciated.

I'll wait until the worst weather is over and wait until it's a bit milder outside.

Thanks again!

16 Dec, 2022

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