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Storing succulents frost free over the winter. I've had to move my succulent collection out of my summerhouse and into my utility room as I wasn't able to keep summerhouse frost free with hard frosts -5C we've been having. Despite popping heater on from time to time. However my utility is around 10-12C. Ideally I would like to store them in a cooler place but I haven't anywhere to put them. Once cold spell is over hopefully can return them to summerhouse. Is their stay in a rather warmer environment and then out to cold but not freezing temperatures going to affect them
Negatively I wonder?

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It's only temporary for a short period so it shouldn't bother them. Don't water them.

11 Dec, 2022


Thanks Hywel. My gardening friend has virtually lost all of her succulents and is heart broken…. Guess I could part with a few to get her collection going again. There’s a good Santa present idea!!

11 Dec, 2022


Yes that's a good idea :)

11 Dec, 2022


I brought a lot of my succulents in to prevent them from becoming waterlogged. They are under some grow lights, and I have been getting flowers on the Portulaca! The succulents that are behind my house do better because of the higher light levels, so maybe you should rotate them everyday for some time in the window.

12 Dec, 2022


That's a good idea, thank you.

12 Dec, 2022

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