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I’ve been unwell for the last week, with a heavy cold and cough, and I forgot my dahlia tubers. They have been dug up and I left them on the garden table to dry. But they have been out in all these heavy frosts. Is it too late to save them?



sorry you haven't been well. I am in the same boat re the cold and the Dahlias. I have put mine in side now and only time will tell. Dont give up hope though.

17 Dec, 2022


Thanks Seaburn. I am feeling better now thanks, though my husband has now caught the bug! Hopefully it will all be over by Christmas!
I’ll brave the cold & go down the garden and put them in the porting shed to dry.

18 Dec, 2022


Please cover your nose and throat before you go out. I'm just recovering too and so is my OH. it has been pretty debilitating. You can always buy new dahlia tubers but you can't buy a reconditioned set of lungs.

19 Dec, 2022

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