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i put flowers on my son graveside and somthing keeps on eating them i think there rabbit what flowers dont they eat



Hello Sionosian, what a nuisance that must be for you. I've just had a search around this site for you, and some people have suggested either carnations, or roses (you can plant a mini rose perhaps?)
Or another member suggested spraying with "animal repellent" that she bought at B & Q, or ask at a garden centre for something similar. Good luck, I hope it helps.
Someone else said they don't eat plants with waxy leaves, so you could try planting a sedum otherwise. Tough plants but attractive too.

5 Oct, 2010


I am sorry that this keeps happening but there are very few plants rabbits wont have a go at, sadly. Have you thought about placing some wire mesh around them or plant a small shrub and protect with mesh. hope this helps Sionosian.
welcome to GoY too.

5 Oct, 2010


I've just checked in a book by Roy Lancaster, and he has quite a list:

Agapanthus, Aster, Alchemilla mollis, Bergenia, Astilbe, Euphorbia, Hellebore, Lamium, Peony, Narcissus, Japanese Anemones, Aquilegia, Pulmonaria.

Hope this helps.

5 Oct, 2010


Sorry for your losses, Sionosian. I can confirm that rabbits are happy to eat carnations, mini roses and asters. Hebes are not touched and some of them stay as quite small bushes. Sweet williams are not eaten, though pinks and carnations are. Pelargoniums don't get touched but the nicest hardy geraniums get munched. Baby rabbits will have a go at anything and spit it out if they don't like it, but it's still been bitten off the plant. Grrr.

5 Oct, 2010


There is a product, called 'Grazers' which is surprisingly effective against deer and rabbits. Might be worth giving it a try. We've used it at our local garden centre, to stop the deer browsing on the salad bar that is the bedding pansy display, and it seems to work. Phil J

6 Oct, 2010

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