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Why have I got Nigel Farage ranting on at the top and side edges of my Questions page??



I’m glad I don’t have that problem, Penny, I have a picture showing an old woman’s arm. If I want to see that I only have to push up my sleeve!
I’m not getting notifications though. There’s a problem somewhere.

6 Jan, 2023


I get lots of adds for wedding shoes and jewellery at the mo as that is what I have been looking at on line. perhaps you have looked at a news item hat is linked to him.

I also get fat reduction ones, so wonder if there is a spy camera involved haha.

6 Jan, 2023


I installed Adblocker ages ago as I was so annoyed with the constant adverts. It works a treat, bar the occasional site saying "We see you are using Adblocker and need to un-install to proceed." I never bother ...

6 Jan, 2023


Shirley is spot on. Adblock Plus is the way to go. Also tends to speed up surfing response.

6 Jan, 2023


Aha! Well I didn't know about Adblock! Thanks all!

7 Jan, 2023


Pennyf, I use it too. It never fails.

7 Jan, 2023


I used to use Adblock, gave up on it a couple of years back, unfortunately it locked me out of here, took me ages to realise it was causing some of my problems, it also kept telling me this site was unsafe,I have the crinkled arm photo...I do get notifications also an email to tell me someone has commented on my posts....

12 Jan, 2023

How do I say thanks?

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