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My Mimosa was ok up to a month ago & has now gone brown & dropping it leaves :o( flower buds died too, looks like I’ve lost it :o((
Was wondering if I would get new growth come back?



I suspect this is the result of the crazy weather of 2022.
Scrape back some bark with your thumb nail if green underneath it is still alive and should re leaf in the spring. If brown then that bit is dead. Keep moving back from the tip checking and if all brown then sorry all the top growth is dead. I dont know if it would regrow from the root stock.

sad though if you have lost it.

20 Jan, 2023


Thanks for info, I think we will take it down as silly me put it in the wrong place :-O, got to get the garden tidied up anyway as we are selling up later on & hopefully moving to Spain Ha! If it ever happens LOL, so much to sort out now we're not in the EU.

22 Jan, 2023

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