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Geranium macrorrhizum 'White Ness'.
I ordered this for a dry shade area. I've now looked it up,rather belatedly, and it seems that it likes partial shade. Will t be ok in deep shade?



I have an un-named one of these and they cope well in the shade of my beech tree. not a lot survives under there. It is quite dark under there. I suspect it will be fine.

30 Jan, 2023


I have two white ness, one in deep shade and one in part shade, I have had them about four years both doing very well. Hope this helps.

31 Jan, 2023


I agree. Mine thrive in my north facing garden.

31 Jan, 2023


Thankyou SBG, Callie 1914 and CottageKaren. I feel completely reassured about planting now. You're all wonderful.

1 Feb, 2023


In my experience, it will take shade but not as dry a position as the straight species

2 Feb, 2023


Why not plant it there and if it doesn't look happy you can always move it again later. If the ground happens to be very dry you could try adding a few moisture granules in with the planting soil. Works wonders in a very dry spot.

4 Feb, 2023


Good info and tips Andrewr and Stera.

5 Feb, 2023

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