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My zonal geraniums, over-wintering in a cold conservatory, insist on blooming continuously. They do look very pretty but does this mean that they'll be too exhausted to do well in the summer ? I barely water them at the moment as I thought they should be resting.



they will keep flowering as long as they are fed in the summer.
I had pelargoniums in my lab that flowered for years.

3 Feb, 2023


Thanks Sbg. It's just that a neighbour thought perhaps I should remove the buds as they appear,which seems a shame as they really cheer up the winter.

3 Feb, 2023


Oh just enjoy them! Mine have kept me cheerful all winter and I have only fed them once. Please don't listen to your neighbour, kindly meant as the advice was. If they need a rest they will take one but right now they are doing a grand job even when I neglect them sometimes. I think they must be the most rewarding houseplants on the planet.

4 Feb, 2023


Great! Thanks Stera. I'm so glad I posted before acting! You and Sbg have reassured me!

5 Feb, 2023

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