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Help Identify This Plant


By Fausty

Wisconsin, United States Us

I need help identifying this plant, can anyone help me? I think it might be a type of jade. I got the plant from my mother in a bit of disrepair, I have since brought it back from the brink of death and it has been thriving, I am updating the pictures, although I don't have a great digi-cam, so please forgive the quality. The stem isn't really hollow, the leaves are waxy, its almost a foot tall now, and the leaves sprout out from the center of the previous leaves. they sprout in pairs on alternating sides of the stem. It hasn't flowered, I don't know if it does or not.




hi Fausty, it's hard to tell from your picture do you have anymore information on it, size, texture of leaves, indoor/out door. do you know if it flowers at all? also where did you get it from did a friend give you a cutting? if so do you know what the original plant looks like? size shape etc...

18 Jan, 2008


Looks to me Like a Plectanthrus of some sort does it have a hollow stem?

18 Jan, 2008


Hi Fausty, the picture is much clearer but you still have me stummped. sorry Wyeboy, don't think it is a Plectanthrus tho, the leaf colour and texture is wrong and Plectanthrus are usally climbers or trailing this looks more upright. the only thing i would take a gues at would be a Kalanchoe, the leaf texture is right and shape is very simular. but it's much taller than i have seen before they are usally more bushy and have many side shoots, this could just be that you need to pinch the top out, to make this happen. but there are so many different varieties that this could be one i have'nt seen! most are short lived, and i think that most do flower. but again the flowers can be very different from variety to variety. one other thing you could try, you say that the leaves are quite rubbery, if you bend one of the leaves, see if it snaps in half, and if so is it fleshy inside (like a succulent), - if so i think it could be a Kalanchoe. hope this helps.

18 Jan, 2008


Yes, thank you so very much!

19 Jan, 2008

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