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Hi can I have help identifying this tree please. Many thanks

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?Crab apple?

8 Feb, 2023


Thank you Owdboggy that was my initial thought.

8 Feb, 2023


I agree that it is a crab apple also.

8 Feb, 2023


Identifying Crab Apples is extremely difficult. There are a lot of very similar ones about. The size and colour of the fruit when properly ripe and before it starts to go over is the best indicator of variety, but even then it takes an expert.

8 Feb, 2023


Looks a lot like a persimmon tree.

8 Feb, 2023


Persimmons do not do really well in the UK, they need more heat and less frost than we normally get even in Berkshire.

8 Feb, 2023


Thank you for the info owdboggy.

8 Feb, 2023


Yes crab apple would be my guess and perhaps Gorgeous as it does have a habbit of holding on to its fruits througout the winter when all the leaves have dropped, (I'm not an expert!)

9 Feb, 2023

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