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Clematis problem #2

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This plant seemed to be doing great since planting last year. In the space of a month almost all the greenery has died off. Can anyone tell me what I have done wrong ? The other three clematis along this east-facing fence seem in good shape. Is this terminal for an evergreen clematis ?




Could be clematis wilt, and if it is don't plant another clematis in the same place.

27 Aug, 2008


Oh dear. I didn't think that they suffered from wilt. I've lost three non-evergreen ones recently. I just hope that you planted it deeply so that maybe it will shoot from the roots again. I am sorry - I know how I feel about the ones that have die on me! Give it a chance to recover. Cut it back and hope.

27 Aug, 2008


I had a summer flowering clematis last autumn which looked just like yours. I took a drastic step and cut it right back to just six inches high. Then there was the long wait to see if I had killed it. After almost giving up a shoot appeared followed by dozens more. Now it is bushy right down to the bottom and producing masses of flowers. So impressed was I that I will be attacking another this autumn. I got the idea from my mother who chops hers down every autumn and always has nice specimens. If it is wilt the shoots will wilt like they have no water.

27 Aug, 2008


I have just had to chop one of mine down which had Clematis wilt. See the pic in my pictures. I haven't looked to see if it has survived the chop, i cut it right back down to the very bottom, it was only two shoots. Clematis wilt makes the leaves go a very very dark brown, almost black and the flowering tips wilt like they need a drink.
If I were you I would chop it right down, and leave it, cover it over losely with something to shad it from any excessive heat or cold, like a few large pebbles with gaps for shoots to shoot through etc. then leave it till the spring.
May I ask what you have growing around it at the bottom?
I have an inkling that clematis and geranium dont like being in the same rooting area.
Lynne x

27 Aug, 2008

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