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Clematis and Frost

While out covering up my young plants before this weeks frosts and snow arrive, I noticed how poorly my clematis was looking. It is a white variety which I thought was called Iceberg, but I can't find that online.

The branches look brown as do most of the leaves. Even the few leaves that do not appear dead, look in poor condition and unlikely to survive.

The plant is about 13 years old and I have never had a problem with frost previously. Can this be frost damage? Is it likely to be dead or is it worth hanging on to?



Although I don't which flowering group your clematis is, I would cut it down to about 4 inches and mulch with some old potting compost. This should protect any emerging growth.

6 Mar, 2023


Thanks, Jimmytheone.

6 Mar, 2023


when does it flower? but cut it down to the lowest buds, mulch as Jimmy says and fingers crossed.
I wouldn't remove it yet, 13 is not that old.

7 Mar, 2023


Seaburngirl, it flowers normally in April/May. The variety may well be Avalanche. I thought it was Iceberg but am sure this was wrong.

Thanks for the advice.

7 Mar, 2023


usually you prune early ones after flowering but if you are trying to salvage it I'd cut it back anyway. then if it survives after it flowers next year.

9 Mar, 2023

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