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Tree i.d please. I walk past this tree every day to work. A delicate flower on a tree before the foliage appears. I would love to have a tree like that with early blossom and no foliage in early spring in my garden. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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Probably Prunus x subhirtella Autumnalis

9 Mar, 2023


Thank you Owdboggy.

9 Mar, 2023


If you buy one, try to get it in flower. Some of the clones are less floriferous than others. The one we had flowered very sparsely.

9 Mar, 2023


Yes it is certainly a Prunus. some species/varieties have pink flowers others white, so a good idea to get one now when in flower.

10 Mar, 2023


Agree with Owdboggy. Ours flowered tentatively in December, and is now flowering again … not as bountiful as this one though - what a gorgeous specimen.

12 Mar, 2023


Yes I agree Sheilabub, would love to have that in my garden!!

15 Mar, 2023


I saw a similar tree today but that was May blossom … very pretty!

15 Mar, 2023


May blossom in March? Are you sure?

16 Mar, 2023


No Sue, I was guessing … is Blackthorn the same thing?!

17 Mar, 2023


Sorry, I meant Blackthorn … I’ve always mixed them up!

17 Mar, 2023

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