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Hi i need some advice I have had two Jasmine indoor plants
they arrived with lots of buds which never open they drop off. I have not overwatered and have sprayed them.

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Some plants just don’t like the change from where they were, to the new environment with you. They drop their flowers ( with shock probably). Christmas cacti do this & other plants too. When they have settled in the new place they should flower again when it’s time. Don’t move them around though, find where they are to go & leave. I hope this helps. Others might have more hints with Jasmines.

11 Mar, 2023


Thank you Feverfew i will look after them and hope they flower later. Polyanna

11 Mar, 2023


As the buds are so well developed the bud drop may simply be because the position you have the plant in has the light coming from a different direction from the one they were used to. This makes the buds grow a bit unevenly and they drop in an effort to turn towards the light. This happens with some cacti, eg Epiphyllums and Christmas cacti.

11 Mar, 2023


Thank you will try new position Polyanna

12 Mar, 2023

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