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Colour of....

I have a Campanula persicifolia with the name Connie Anne.
Does any one know the colour of this one? Cant remember seeing it in flower.



Cannot find any mention of this one. Not in any of my books either. Only one I know is Lodden Anna which is lilac sort of coloured. But most persicifolias are blue through to white.

13 Mar, 2023


Thanks Owd. That's the problem I have but the plant came from a respected plants person and that is what the label says. So it must be a different shade of blue. I will have to wait until summer to find out.

13 Mar, 2023


Sorry Eileen, I've looked but can't find any such plant :(

13 Mar, 2023


Never mind, they're all beautiful...

15 Mar, 2023


Hello Hywel, nice to see you around again!

16 Mar, 2023

How do I say thanks?

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